Welcome to Nationwide Dry Risers, Specialists in Dry Riser Installation and Testing

Dry Risers are systems of valves and pipework which enable the Fire and Rescue Service to deliver water onto the upper floors of a building. A Dry Riser will generally be required where any floor is over eighteen metres above ground level. Nationwide Dry Risers will install, service and maintain Dry risers for use in emergency situations.

To obtain a quotation for your installation, please forward site specific drawings on PDF to sales@nationwidedryrisers.co.uk, or contact the sales team on 0800 4101 100 (guaranteed quotation sent back to you with in 24 hours).

Our Services

  • Full supplied
  • Installation
  • Test on water to 12 bar & certificated commission
  • 5 year warranty on all installations
  • Bi-annual inspection
  • Annual Service & Maintenance


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