Pre-Start Requirements

The pre-start requirements that are set in place for each installation are listed below and cover the heights of any cabinets, core drilling, as well as the standard fitting requirements.

Cabinet Heights

When it comes to cabinet heights the holes should ideally fall between the sizes of 400mm and 600mm from the floor level to the bottom of the cabinet.

Core Drilling

Any holes that are core drilled should be done at 150mm with at least a gap of 50mm away from any walls that are present. The reason why these holes have to be drilled away from the walls is to make sure there�s enough clearance for any brackets or couplings.

Standard Fitting

When utilising standard flanged valves the distance between the front of the valve and the backside of the pipe should be roughly 450mm. An alternative that engineers can use is Right Angles Valves, which can reduce the distance by 100mm to 350mm.